So ask yourself, “Who is God then?”

Are you familiar with the story of Moses in the Bible, the Red Sea parting; Mt. Sinai?

That story is REAL!

Mt. Sinai really exists!

It is called Jebel el Lawz today. The Bible says that it is in Midian which we call Saudi Arabia today. The Saudi Arabian government has fenced it off and has declared it an archeological area. It really does exist! The top is charred just like the Bible states. The rock that was split gushing out millions of gallons of water for the Israelite people is there. The altar that was used to sacrifice animals to God is right at the base of the mountain. The markers used to keep the people from approaching the mountain are still there and even pictographs of the Egyptian bull-god are still on the altar explained in the book of Exodus.

The whole miraculous story is REAL!

Remember also in the story about God parting the Red Sea?

That story is REAL, too!

In the Gulf of Aqaba, the right fork of the Red Sea, the land bridge that the people crossed still exists just below the surface of the water today! Boats have to navigate around it today. It protrudes thousands of feet up from the sea floor! And guess what? After crossing that underwater landbridge, Mt.Sinai happens to be within 3 days journey just like the Bible says.  They even found chariot remains underwater along that bridge!

The miraculous story really did happen. And if the evidence shows that the miracles that God performed really did happen, then the God of the Bible is REAL, too!

And if the God of the Bible is real, then the Bible must really be His actual words left for us so that we can get to know Him.





Additional resources to prove the Biblical account

Please watch the entire series for each of the videos to gain an incredible amount of insight into the true factual evidence that exists.