God doesn’t stop there.


He prophesied about many other events so that His children could recognize the End Times when they are upon us. These events would be culminated by His Son's Coming once again and the final judgment for all mankind.


You must understand the significance here.


Life after you die depends on you now. We are not going to be given a second chance. We cannot claim ignorance! In a sudden moment real soon, everything is going to change in an instant in the twinkling of an eye.


Have you ever heard of the frog in hot water analogy?


If you take a frog and put it in hot water it will jump out immediately, but if you take that same frog and put it in cold water and then slowly heat the water up, it will simply sit there and cook itself. SAME PREMISE is happening with people today.


Take everything that has happened and actually think about it! If you do, you'll want to jump out of the water, too.


Start adding 2 and 2 together so you don’t cook yourself in hell forever.


Let me show you some other things that God says are going to happen after Israel comes back to trumpet the call of the Last Days.


In the book of Daniel, God states that travel, communication, and knowledge are suddenly going to increase beyond measure in the End Times when Israel comes back.


Think about it...This is extraordinary!


Civilizations have existed for 5000 years, and during that entire time, man has traveled mostly by horses or other animals. It hadn’t changed for 5000 years! Now during the same time in history when Israel comes to be a nation once again, the ability to travel by trains, cars and even planes has happened within the last 100 years. We can now travel all over the world!


Think about communication...We now have cell phones, email, texting, facebook, and twitter!...All just after Israel's rebirth.


Then, we have knowledge which will explode during the same timeframe?!


Think about it! We now have the internet and the computer age!…Again, these very things would all happen to explode onto the scene at the same time Israel re-emerged as a nation once again just like God stated it would happen.