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The Gospel Card


This is a UNIQUE and innovative witnessing tool that opens up like a small pamphlet!
It provides details and real hard evidence that makes even the most steadfast person curious.
It doesn't cost much at all to get this great witnessing tool! We are not trying to build a bigger house.
We are simply trying to cover the cost of producing this resource. More importantly, we want to
help YOU reach out to the people close to you now before it's too late!
This resource can save the soul of your loved one! .........Why not try?
 What do you have to lose?... Just hand them one!



Small Order of Gospel Cards

What you'll find is that most people want to reach family and friends; they just don't know how to. This is a way for them to accomplish this!



                               Product Description

The Gospel Card is designed to make people think!


It is a card folded in such a way that it has basically four sides front and back. The card is made of 8½ x 14 legal size paper. It folds into something very manageable and easy to hand out. It's not bulky nor is it too time consuming to read. After a person reads it, they can go to the website that contains more proof backed by informative videos.

The goal here is to provide a resource that actually helps a person reach loved ones and friends. The people that are in your sphere of influence! You can hand these out to anyone even if they are already professing Christians. You can help them reach people as well by giving them a resource, too.

People are so often timid when opportunities for witnessing present themselves in their daily lives. They are fearful that they will not have the answers or they fear outright rejection.

The Gospel Card was developed to embolden people to reach out countering this fear. You don’t have to know everything. The card will do the talking for you. And it’s got back up as well at the website for those that become inquisitive and want to find out more. You simply have to start the ball rolling by handing these cards out. Let God do the work on their hearts.

Do not be afraid anymore. Just give them the Gospel Card. They may or may not be open to it immediately. They may look at it when their curiosity is peaked at a later time. The point is to do something. You do not know if you are the planter, the waterer, or the harvester. Your job is to perform the duty God has set for you to do and pray for that person. It's God's job from that point.

Later on, those same people will probably talk to you about it and now their defenses are down so that they can be reached with the gospel! Now, you can help them get to know Jesus Christ!




The front of the Gospel Card is designed to be eye-catching and alluring. The object is to get them to open it up and check it out!

Once they open it up, the object is to get them to read it from the beginning to the end. The read is quick and to the point, yet informative. There is actual evidence provided to back the claims made and even some pictures of real tangible things to show proof of those claims. You have to give examples of the claims made and they have to be REAL PROOF! The point here is to make them think which will spur their curiosity and make them want to find out more.


The beginning section introduces them to the events that are happening around us today!

We want them to open their eyes and see!

So often people choose to be willingly ignorant and do not want to think about what is going on. Our contention is that we can help them put 2 and 2 together!

We go over some really incredible events, REAL EVENTS!



We are starting to help them actually think! You just have to get them to open their eyes!


The next section flows quickly from the previous section so that they continue reading. Now, we go into topics of high interest!

We provide actual evidence that evolution is a lie!

Atheists have been using this theory to hide the truth and confuse the unsuspecting populous. We explain why they do it and provide REAL PROOF so that the reader begins to open up to the truth.

We continue with mounds of hard evidence confirming the worldwide flood event spoken of in the Bible; and this evidence is all over the world!

















Then, we dive into the big topic of dinosaurs. We provide actual hard evidence that supports the Biblical worldview and how dinosaurs fit into that worldview.



It’s easy to understand once they see the evidence!


The next section is designed to bring them to the foot of the cross.

We bring them to the realization that God either exists or he does not; there are no other options. Once they realize that ALL the actual evidence proves God MUST EXIST, they now become more open to trying to find out who God is.

Once they come to this logical conclusion, we then attempt to bring them to the God of the Bible.


Once they see the REAL PROOF that the God of the Bible is real and the events and miracles that took place in the Bible really did happen; now they are open to the Bible really being the Word of God and Jesus Christ really being the Son of God. The evidence becomes overwhelming and they can no longer hide in their ignorance.

We now try to show that the evidence also proves that Jesus Christ is truly the Messiah, the Son of God! We use science and history to prove this point as well.


Finally, the last section answers the ultimate question, “What does this mean?”

The hope at this point is that God convicts them in their heart that they must come to Christ to save themselves before they must go thru that threshold of death to find out the truth!



We let them know that God has provided them a way out of this quandary. God is giving them a chance!

They need to accept Christ as their Savior asking Him to come into their heart, repent of their sins, read His Word so that they can get to know Him, and begin to pray to Him everyday developing a relationship with Him.


At the bottom of the back page is where they can find additional resources to help them learn more and begin their journey with Christ.