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Poeple are so often oblivious to what's going on around them. They never put 2 and 2 together! They simply dismiss all the signs individually and scoff at those that believe. They don't look at the collective. They choose to be ignorant willingly. They just don't want to be burdened with actually thinking about it which is what evildoers count on!


Open your eyes and add 2 and 2 together!


The times in which we live today are truly amazing.


The events that are happening today have been prophesied thousands of years ago, and they're not vague or convoluted either.


One of the most miraculous prophecies that would signal the beginning of the End Times is the re-emergence of the nation of Israel AFTER 2000 years!


The Bible said it was going to happen and it did in 1948! It’s statistically impossible for it to have happened after 2000 years, and yet it did.


God said it would be THE signal of His approaching judgment and His Second Coming.


This event is truly a miracle, a real miracle. Yet, most people are desensitized to what a real miracle is.


Just think God used the “greatest” generation during WW2 to bring back a nation that had been gone for 2000 years!


Another truly amazing prophecy about this incredible event is that God foretold it would happen in ONE SINGLE moment and in one literal DAY!


He even goes further to state that when they came back they would be under one nation once again. Remember, prior to their destruction, they had divided into 2 nations!


He goes on to prophesy that the city of Jerusalem would once again come under Israel's rule during those last days. That happened in 1967!


Amazingly, God then announces that in the End Days, Israel would become the center of the entire world!


Interestingly enough, the three dominant religions, Jews, Christians, and Muslims all lay claim to the land of Israel as their birthplace!


It truly is the center of the world!


Even the United Nations (UN) has made Israel the center of their attention. OVER HALF of the resolutions made by the UN have involved the tiny little nation of Israel which is about the size of Rhode Island. That's astounding!


God has a tendency to use miracles to mark significant events in history and those miraculous events are prophesied by God thru His spoken Word to let us know that it was Him. He is showing us that He exists!


God stated that when Israel comes back the clock for the End Time events would begin...


The clock has started ticking!