So, now we know that there is a God and that cannot be refuted. The next thing we want to do is find out who God is.

All the actual physical evidence points to the God of the Bible. So, let's look into that further to see if that's true.

If we look at the beginning in the book of Genesis, we can see if the historic accounts given there are true or false. This will show if the Holy Bible is the Word of God or not and ultimately if the God of the Bible is the one true God.

The Biblical Flood presented in the Bible is a great launching point to determine the veracity of the Book.

About every culture in the world both past and present have an account of a massive flood taking place. Amazingly, these accounts have a striking similarity to the biblical story of Noah's worldwide flood.

The biblical flood account located in the book of Genesis is supported by overwhelming evidence both from witnessed testimony from completely independent cultures over the last 4400 years to hard physical evidence that was left behind after the flood in every corner of the world.

Just about everyone agrees now that a flood did take place thousands of years ago. What atheists and evolutionists now try to do is minimize the magnitude of the flood. The reason is simple. They have invested billions and billions of dollars financially into this evolutionary theory! So much time politically, emotionally, and religiously has been spent selling this theory. They cannot concede their position otherwise their entire belief system falls like a house of cards!

So, what they have done is repositioned themselves to concede the flood account but they now try to sell the idea that the flood accounts are simply multiple independent accounts of local flooding taking place throughout the world.

This new position stating multiple localized flood events cannot be what the worldwide flood spoken of in the Genesis account is speaking about. The Biblical Flood was a judgment by God to destroy all mankind and the world as a whole. Nothing escaped the judgment of God other than those that God was going to use to repopulate the world after the flood.

If the biblical account of a flood was only localized flooding, then the Ark would be totally unnecessary. People, animals, and birds outside the flood zone would not have been a part of that judgment, and then you add the fact that those in the flood zone could have simply migrated out of the flood zone.

What would the Ark have accomplished, then?

It is illogical reasoning!

Add the complex geological record that exists all over the world and you find that a worldwide flood event is the ONLY way to explain it!

If the Biblical Flood is true, then we should expect certain things.

For example, the rock layers all over the earth should be filled with billions of dead animals and plants that would have been buried rapidly and fossilized in sand, mud, and lime?

Of course, and that's exactly what we find.

When you look at the thousands of feet of sedimentary rock layers all over the world, you also find that they contain countless fossils, 95% of which are marine fossils. Then, you look at the enormous mass graveyards that contain piles of jumbled bodies both marine and land animals together!

Now when you look at the sedimentary rock layers, you find something very revealing. Actually, you don't find something which is the problem for evolutionists! You see the layers of rock contain NO EROSION MARKS within the layers...NONE!

And the final nail in the coffin...

All over the world you find petrified trees standing up within multiple rock layers! This event only happens one way that we have proven as fact. And that is during a flood event like Mount St. Helens for example.

Understand what this means...

This event only happens during a flood event. And they are found literally all over the world. The event must have been on a massive scale which means that the entire world must have experienced a flood event at the same time of extreme magnitude!

What can we take from this factual evidence?

The biblical event of a worldwide deluge is a true event in history. And if the Word of God states this as truth, and it is proven to be truth, then maybe the God of the Bible is REAL too!



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