Another incredible statement by God is found in the book of Ezekiel.

God states that His people, Israel, will have enemies that will try to destroy Israel in the last days. He even names where these people will come from...The land of Russia, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and Turkey.

Does this ring any bells?

Every single one of these nations just so happens to be allies now, and they have called for Israel's destruction publically and unapologetically. They just so happen to be Muslim nations or sympathizers to the Islamic cause.

Again, God stated this would come to be thousands of years ago!

This isn't some random lucky guess by someone that lived long ago.

Do you understand how amazing this is?

Here's something else.

God makes another profound statement about the things that will take place in the Last Days. He states that the gospel will be preached all over the world as a testimony in the time just prior to His Son's arrival.

The gospel hadn't even been written yet!

Something that hadn't happened yet is going to come to be, AND it's going to be preached to the entire world!

The world hadn't even been discovered, yet! The technology to even make this happen hadn't been invented until just the past few years.

This is truly amazing!

And they all happen to come to be at the same time God starts the clock?

If you think about it you have to start scratching your head!

And I'm only going over a few things that God states would happen in the last days. There's a lot more.

People especially today have been desensitized to what genuine prophecy really is!

The evil one has used the people of this world those that are his to muddy the waters so that people do not hear God speaking. Man's intuition and educated guesses have become synonymous with prophecy. Anyone can make a statement about something based on conjecture and it now is called prophecy. And then, when they are wrong, people simply think all prophecy is just conjecture and dismiss it entirely.

They no longer hear God when He is talking to them. They just blow it off, close their heart, and continue on living their busy lives.

Real prophecy made by God cannot be influenced or averted. These events are going to happen!

God has already seen them take place. Time is just a tool that God uses to play out His redemptive plan. The course has already been set. It is going to happen!

Look if there is no God, and this is nothing to do about nothing, then you lose nothing except the time you use to seek the truth.

But, if God is real and this is really happening, then this is the most important thing you will ever do. Saving your soul is of paramount importance. God has started the clock for His redemptive plan to be fulfilled. Open your eyes and see!