If you were NEVER TOLD you live on a spinning ball what would you believe? ... Everything we see and experience tells us the earth is flat and motionless.

Why is the counter-intuitive (goes against your senses) and Biblically contradicted belief about our world (Globe Earth theory) so widely accepted today? ... Do you just believe it because that's what you were told?

Contrary to what you have been trained to believe, The world we live in is a flat plane and not a globe at all .............

                                                                                                                              and I can PROVE it with REAL science!

Why does this matter? 

The Bible clearly states that our world is a flat plane with a firmament above that has the stars affixed in it and the wandering stars, the sun, and the moon all moving WITHIN the firmament! The Bible states it! ... The REAL scientific evidence points to it! ... Your senses tell you it! ...


You must see for yourself. the evidence is overwhelming!


The evil powers and principalities of this world as God describes in the Bible are here to deceive even the elect into believing the lie for the Time of the End so that people will not trust the Bible and accept the Great Delusion... The final ruse is set up to confuse the remaining inhabitants ... portraying the "aliens" (fallen angels) as good and the armies of heaven as bad and even fooling the people into believing they can actually win against God?!... This is the construct for Armageddon in the Book of Revelation!

This whole "Great Delusion" is a house of cards. You simply have to open your heart and your eyes and SEE ... The TRUTH!

Remember God forewarns us, 

2 Thessalonians 2:11, "For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie..."

There are over 200 Scriptures passages that support this claim. Check it out for yourself. Click Here 


How much proof do you need...
Consider these two scientists...


         I will provide below just a few reasons why the world we have been indoctrinated to believe is a "Great Delusion"...



USE your senses, use common sense, and think for yourself…


The first question often asked is why would they lie...


What is the result of believing in a globe Earth? 



... What IF the Earth is actually FLAT as ALL prior civilizations believed?


If the Earth is FLAT, then the indoctrinated belief systems sold to all the Western World are destroyed!


      NO Big Bang Theory

      NO Evolution

      NO Billions of Years

        NO Aliens


Which then leaves ONLY one choice...


      We live in a closed system

        God MUST EXIST!

      A Creator created EVERYTHING!

      We are ALL unique and special!



Have you ever noticed, for their models and theories to work, they have to add ... REALLY, REALLY BIG numbers? … and they continue to grow larger and LARGER?


Billions of years.....Billions of miles away.....??? 


To hold up the Heliocentric Model, they MUST have stars billions of miles away...


To hold up their Big Bang Theory, they MUST have the Big Bang take place billions of years ago….


To hold up the Theory of Evolution, they MUST have evolution start billions of years ago….


Why do you think that is … ?


Science defined ... must be observable, measureable and repeatable built upon testable predictions based on experimentation. Strong theories are inferred from solid evidence made stronger by different lines of evidence. If it cannot follow this definition, then it is not SCIENCE at all! 


The whole delusion that they have constructed IS FOR A PURPOSE. They know the REAL FACTS don't agree with their theories, so they make the numbers so BIG it hides the flaws to the unsuspecting masses.   


All these theories and models are constructs or pillars to hold up their belief system. They are meant to deceive!


They know it doesn’t work, so they play a shell game hoping to deflect the detractors.


Their main purpose is to HIDE GOD from the masses. There are principalities and evil spirits at work here with the sole purpose of detroying God's work. Know your enemy!


The lie of aliens is coming ... They are preparing society to believe. You don't think this is really happening??


The United Nations has appointed Malaysian astrophysicist, Mazlan Othman to the new position of UN ambassador to extraterrestrials. That’s right people they are seriously preparing for this alien/demonic event. You can look it up! (CBS NEWS report)  





Understand these are demons not aliens because we are living in a closed system! Do not be fooled! Open your eyes and find God now before it is too late!   



Understand the complexity and the order of the universe screams a Creator.  
Romans 1:20, "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."
Man says seeing is believing. God says the exact opposite. The truth is, it is believing is seeing. The existence of God is shown everywhere. You simply have to open your heart AND believe. Your eyes will then be opened.
May God bless you. 


       Below are just a few reasons why the world is not a ball in some infinite space but a flat plane in a closed system...



The "Theory of the Rotation of the Earth" quite simply cannot exist! 
If the rotation of the earth takes 24-hours a day and its speed is uniform, then DAYS and NIGHTS should be an identical duration of 12 hours ALL YEAR ROUND!
Think about it!
There should be an equinox every day of the year with the day being EXACTLY 12 hours long and the night being 12 hours long! This is common sense!

In the summer months of the year, depending on where you are, there could be as much as 15 hours of daylight and as little as 9 hours of nightsky, and vice versa in the winter months!
Alleged tilt or inclination cannot account for what we see no matter the mental gymnastics they want to do...
Use your common sense! 


REAL SCIENCE actually confirms this over and over. Some might try to diffuse this problem by stating... "ohh, the sun's rays are simply refracted by the atmosphere." PROBLEM: If that were the case then the sun's rays would be refracted inward to a point SINCE the "atmosphere" would then act as a convex lens. But, that is not what happens is it? The rays actually diverge outwad NOT INWARD!  You cannot explain the rays spreading outward other than what common sense tells you. The sun and moon are MUCH, MUCH CLOSER than we are being told. 




According to the Heliocentric MODEL (Earth rotates around the sun), You should not be able to see Venus and Mercury EVER!

People try to use line of sight as a reason, but it cannot account for those innermost planets being seen when the earth is facing away from the sun's rays. Yet, there it is every night. They will then say, "with a 12 hour line sight... it's possible." But, that produces another problem. Mercury and Venus can be seen in the night sky in the month of June as late as 11:00pm!

PROBLEM: There are only 9 hours of night sky and 15 hours of SUNLIGHT in the summer months depending on your location! How is THAT POSSIBLE? Line of sight can no longer be a used as a reason now as the degrees are too severe.

Additionally, why is there differing amount of sunlight depending on the time of year (only 9 hours of sunlight in the winter?) That cannot be explained either. Science 101, if the theory is not consistent with the FACTS, then the theory MUST change; the facts remain!       

How can you believe in a model or theory that does not jive with the facts?


"'We can circumnavigate the South easily enough, 'is often said by those who don't know, The British Ship Challenger recently completed the circuit of the southern region indirectly, to be sure - but she was three years about it, and traversed nearly 69,000 miles - a stretch long enough to have taken her six times round on the globular hypothesis.'" ~William Carpenter 1878
Every captain of a sea going vessel traversing the southern regions of the Earth knows this to be true! It also happens to be a fact that NO FLIGHTS traverse the Southern Hemisphere! ... NONE to this day! Why is that? ALL flights travel in an upside down "V" pattern even when going across the SAME LATITUDE! Again, why?
Now, one of the favorite proofs of a globe by those elementary people is often this question, "Well, how can you circumnavigate the Earth?, ... It must be a ball to circumnavigate around so as to end up in the same place..."
This is very easily understood if you actually think about it! If you keep going East or West in relation to the North Pole using a compass you will eventually arrive at the same place because the compass will always keep you at right angles to the North Pole! You'll make a big circle!    
Interesting to note... The type of magnetism displayed by the Earth is found in axially magnetised ring magnets you might find in speakers!... The model they use in a ball Earth theory where you have a ball with a north and a south magnet on each end of the ball DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE ELSE in nature! That is a fact!


These pictures supposedly were taken from "OUTER" SPACE ... It is IMPOSSIBLE for these pictures to be from low earth orbit! That is common sense!
However, we now have several problems! Besides the severe change in SIZE of the continents, The "Hubble Space Telescope" or satellite is IN LOW EARTH ORBIT.... not outer space! This "satellite" was launched in 1990 and supposedly took these pictures from low earth orbit?!  ...THINK PEOPLE! The Hubble Space Telescope is in low earth orbit and it is impossible for these pictures to be taken from low earth orbit! These images show a view taken from outer space, but we do not have anything IN outer space to take these pictures...! So, somebody is lying!
These are doctored images "FAKE" being used to sway the masses. STOP being sheeple and think with your God given brain!  
REMEMBER, these are OFFICIAL NASA images... and they are FAKE! ...If you need more proof from these pictures, ask yourself these questions...
Where are the billions of stars and galaxies? There is no atmosphere to inhibit their brilliance... there should be billions of stars visible! Yet, there are none in these pictures! Where are the tens of thousands of "satellites" that are supposed to orbit the earth as well? Unmistakably absent as well! Why are the colors different in the oceans, and the land masses when these pictures are supposedly taken from the SAME SATELLITE? Why is there no shading of the ball earth on the edges? Everyone knows that on a ball, light is lessened the further away from the nearest point, so the reflection of light lessens the further away the nearest point... Yet, that does not happen. As a matter fact, that does not happen on the moon, either!

Another question; Who or what took these pictures? These pictures were taken OUTSIDE our atmosphere! The Hubble Telescope and space satellites are IN OUR ATMOSPHERE!

And finally, the most obvious of questions, why are the land masses so different in size?


Here is a FACT... The horizon ALWAYS maintains at eye level no matter how high you go! This is in fact true! However, that produces a serious problem... On a ball, the horizon will ALWAYS fall below eye-level as you move higher in elevation. This is logical. 
But, there lies the problem. On a ball or globe, the horizon should (as common sense tells us) fall below eye-level... but it DOES NOT DO THAT! The horizon ALWAYS STAYS AT EYE LEVEL no matter the elevation!

The math simply does not work. The shape of the ball comes into play as you move off the ball. You would have to look down to see the horizon. Yet, that does not happen! What does happen is the horizon simply rises with you no matter the elevation! This is a FACT! The only way for the horizon to stay at eye-level is if the surface is not a ball but in fact a flat surface or a flat plane. See the picture above. This is not difficult to prove either. Check this out for yourself. There are countless pictures of the horizon at all height levels!


So, if it is only possible on a flat surface and is NOT possible on a globe, you should be able to use common sense to answer this question. This scientific evidence (you remember: observable, repeatable, and measureable eivdence) proves that the earth MUST BE A FLAT PLANE!


There are countless pictures of the sun and the moon INSIDE the firmament! Check out the pictures above. Look closely. Both the sun and the moon have clouds in front AND BEHIND them?
How is this possible? Well, those that want to refute it simply state, "it is simply an illusion." The light of the sun and moon simply overpower the transparency of the clouds. That is how they explain away this issue.
But, that does not work. Check out the many videos and pictures, that answer is simply inadequate. Use Occam's Razor to this issue. Follow the evidence without any pre-conceived assumptions. The most likely explanation for an event is usually the simplest explanation. To believe the evidence is an illusion is solely based on the assumption that the sun is 93,000,000 miles away and the moon is over 238,000 miles away held up by the "Heliocentric THEORY". If you take away that theory, that illusionary explanation no longer works, and the simplest explanation now is very obvious; the Sun and Moon are very close as the evidence shows.
The Bible states, that these "lights" (sun and moon) were placed INSIDE THE FIRMAMENT! The sun and moon are a lot closer than we are being taught. Again, look at the evidence without the Heliocentric Model to frame the answer. The facts;
The sun's rays bend outward in the sky, not parallel as they should when coming from 93,000,000 miles away or even inward if they were being refracted by the "atmosphere".     
The sun's rays and the moon's rays illuminate only the clouds in their immediate vicinity. They are localized lighting. If they were as far as they say or as big as they say, they would illuminate all the clouds in the sky with the same amount of light, but they do not.  
What about the extremely coincidental fact that the sun and the moon happen to be the exact same size in the sky. Those that believe in the Heliocentric thoery say it is just an incredible happenstance, another illusion?! The sun happens to be 400 times further away and the moon just happens to be 400 times smaller than the sun. So, it is merely another illusion that they are the same size...      
You cannot simply use the canned response, "it is all an illusion". At some point, the simplest explanation is in fact the correct answer. 


Here in lies the problem. Water ALWAYS seek to find a level. This is observable, repeatable, and measureable (also know as the scientific method). Whether you look at a pot of water, a pool, a lake, or an ocean. It NEVER deviates to rotundity (round). Here's the rub. How can the Earth be a ball if it is covered by over 70% WATER? Again, use your own common sense. Do not start with the assumption of a round ball earth. Just look at the evidence. 
Some might say, "oh , it's just surface tension". This is easily debunked as that membrane is very weak. Others try to explain it away by stating, "It's gravity". They simply use an imaginary force that cannot be explained to this day as the reason. It's "MAGIC!" a.k.a. gravity! Gravity is so powerful, that it can stick water to a ball spinning 1000's of miles per hour, yet not keep birds, planes, and insects from flying??? Again, it's just another illusion.
As the picture above shows, you can test this yourself. The reflection of the moon or the sun, follows this same phenomenon! The light always reflects onto the surface as the picture above shows. On a round surface (ball earth), the reflection is only at a point directly perpendicular to the line of sight. But, on a flat suface, the light will reflect along the flat surface to the point of sight. Science shows the reflective surface, water in this case, to be FLAT. This confirms the fact that water seeks to be level. 
The next time you go to a beach or lake, look over the water when the sun or moon are above it in a direct line of sight . You will see this for yourself. Most people simply just don't think about it!      


This recent picture is captured from a video released by NASA! It was taken in 2018. It is a video of the moon passing IN FRONT of the earth! So, of course, we are seeing the backside of the moon that we NEVER SEE!
With the flat earth movement gaining so much momentum, NASA and the government are releasing images to keep people from seeing the truth. Fully expecting the masses to simply stay indoctrinated and accept their "evidence" because why would they ever try to deceive the people, right? Everyone should trust the government and those that control the power in this world...
Here's the problem with NASA and the government's images. They are easily proven to be fake! 
Use your brain, here. There are NO STARS present in the picture AT ALL! How is that possible? There is no atmosphere in space to obstruct their brilliance. They should be countless and bright. Yet, there is not one star! 
Then ask yourself, "Where is the shadow of the moon on the earth?"... Never at any point does the moon cast a shadow on the Earth's surface... remember the video positioning does not move the entire video. This should be impossible.
Throughout the video, the clouds NEVER MOVE!... Again, that would be impossible. You can go outside yourself and see that cannot happen.     
Additionally, where are the tens of thousands of satellites that supposedly traverse low earth orbit?... They are mysteriously absent...
And finally, the biggest problem... If the moon is over 238,000 miles away from earth, then how did the Hubble Space Telescope take this picture. Again, NASA states this video was captured by the Hubble space telescope! The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in the 1990's into LOW EARTH ORBIT which is between 200 - 1000 miles up. How did the satellite get BEHIND the moon to take this video?   
If this was taken by a "satellite", then we have a much bigger problem. The moon is somehow inside LOW EARTH ORBIT!
The evidence is not hard to understand if you take off the hypnotizing glasses. The information is coming from NASA which is not refuted. So, it is obviously a fake! Then, you really need to ask the question, "Why are they lying?" and even better,  "what else are they lying about?"


Every picture that comes from high altitude balloons shows footage of a FLAT EARTH!     
Yet, when NASA shows us footage, the pictures and CGI video always show a curved horizon. Why is that? ...
Well, NASA uses a lens called, a "fish-eye lens". This is not made up. You can easily prove this information. Then you should ask yourself, why do they always use this type of lens? ... What are they trying to hide?


If you ever look at their images, look at something else in the frame that is not on the earth. Those things will also curve at the same rate as the earth in the background.

There are countless videos and pictures showing the Earth as a flat plane when you use a normal lens. So, if you know the actual evidence shows a flat horizon and NASA continues to use a "rounding" lens, you really should be questioning, why the ruse?     
Now, a normal lens shows a flat horizon just like when you are at a beach next to the ocean. The horizon is flat all the way across your viewpoint. This is not possible. The math does not work! The curvature of the earth is 8 inches per mile squared. So, if you are looking 50 miles away, the curvature would be 8" x 50 x 50 = over 1667 feet! You should without a doubt see this curvature. Remember the further you go up the further you see! The only thing that obstructs view is the thickness of the atmosphere or perspective which are converging lines of sight (like looking down a long straight hallway)...    
The picture above shows no signs of curvature which is simply impossible on a ball earth!


Contrary to what deniers throw in your face you cannot fall off the earth! 
Have you ever noticed the United Nations flag among many others including World Health Organization (WHO) are flat earth maps? With NO picture of Antarctica on it?! Antarctica is not what we are led to believe. Instead, it is a wall of ice and land that surrounds the world keeping the seas in their course. Antarctica is a ice barrier that completely surrounds the earth. It is very different than the Arctic (North). It never warms up. It is so cold there that nothing grows. There are very few species of plant or animal in this area of the world. For 6 months a year, Antarctica never sees daylight. It is much, much colder than the Arctic (North). The terrain is pretty much uninhabitable.
When Sir John Clark Ross circumnavigated Antarctica, he found that it was much larger than what is possible. If the Earth was 25,000 miles in circumferrence at the equator, then the "continent" of Antarctica shelf should be only about 11,000 miles. Problem: Sir John Ross's expedition lasted almost 3 years and traversed OVER 60,000 MILES! This simply cannot be explained...There was no inland opportunities either. It was basically a complete wall of ice hundreds of feet high.
The conditions of this (Antarctic) barrier are so severe, it effectively becomes a natural deterrent! Once the people of power (governments) of the world found out what Antarctica truly was and that we are encased by this wall, they immediately sprang into action and formed the ANTARCTIC TREATY in 1961 (You can look this up; this is real!). And, it just so happens to be the ONLY treaty that has NEVER been broken. I wonder why?


NASA has known the Earth is flat since the beginning! All shuttle launches are parabolic, they only go so far up and then the arc descends. They tell you they can only go to low Earth orbit today; but they somehow with the technology of their day in the 1960's could go into outer space?? Now, they tell us that the deadly Van Allen Radiation Belt prevents anyone from going into outer space today; but back then they could go to the moon and back 6 times? The most important event in the history of the world (going to the moon), and NASA somehow LOST ALL the data!? What a coincidence!
NASA.gov documents state the Earth is a flat, stationary plane (This is a FACT!) .... Then, why the ruse? ...... How much is their budget every year again? ....... Oh...... that's right ...
20 BILLION dollars PER YEAR! ... Hummmm?!



Have you ever wondered why the "scientists" have surmised the earth to have a tilt of 23.4 degrees on its axis? The reason is they cannot explain the seasons without this mathematical theory. They have to continually come up with more theories and mathematical calculations because their current theories don't work! Just another thing to ponder... with 90 degrees being perfectly perpendicular and you subtract the "scientists" theory that the earth is tilted 23.4 degrees on its axis... what number do you come up with....66.6 degrees! ... What a coincidence!
Problem though... if there is a tilt of 23.4 degrees on the Earth's axis, then how can the equator be the hottest place on Earth?
And another mere coincidence or maybe not; The "scientists" theorize (again theory!) that the Earth revolves around the sun at 18.5 miles per second. Now, calculate the miles per hour (18.5 x 60 seconds x 60 minutes). What is the answer....... 66,600 miles per hour! ... Does that surpise you at all?    


You can see this for yourself... The stars in the heavens are uniform. The North Star (Polaris) does not move in the sky... EVER!
How is this possible over 1000's of years? Remember in the past, they used the heavens as a compass to guide them and you can do the same today. The heavens have never changed throughout history! How is this possible if we are spinning around the universe at billions of miles an hour... and no stars or "galaxies" change their position? ... THINK ABOUT IT!... It doesn't work! You can see this for yourself! If we are spinning around aimlessly thru space at billions of miles per hour as shown in the Heliocentric model, why is there NO PARALLAX? (Define Parallax)
  If you did time lapse photography, you will see the the North Star stays in one place in the sky and ALL the stars make a PERFECT circle around it? ... (just like a bowl fixed at the North Pole and lights piercing thru the (firmament) bowl). Remember too, the pictures of "planets" and "stars" and "galaxies" are produced by you guessed it...NASA! ... None of their pictures are real... they are ALL Computer generated Images (CGI)!  
  Look for yourself... Type into your web browser; pictures of satellites, or stars and galaxies.
Ask yourself why do the heavens behave contrary to what they are telling us?  .... The Heliocentric "MODEL" is a THEORY and it has been debunked countless times. The evidence is all around us!


Outside of Hollywood, there cannot be any combustion in a vaccuum! Reality is with the absence of air or oxygen which is a necessary component for combustion in space, how can there be thrust or combustion of any kind in space? Remember too, Space is a vaccuum.


The horizon is ALWAYS horizontal. EVERY picture of the horizon or when you use your own eyes you will ALWAYS see a FLAT horizon! Observable scientific evidence eliminates the curvature of a ball Earth. Now add this tidbit; water will ALWAYS find a level NO MATTER the container. How does water become rounded at the surface? It doesn't. If water is ALWAYS perfectly flat on the surface, then how can the globe Earth exist? ...WATER ALWAYS FINDS A LEVEL at the surface ...ALWAYS!


How is this a contradiction? ...Well, the first picture from the moon shows the earth very small in the background (smaller than the moon). The second picture shows the moon being much smaller than the earth. So which is it?
Again, with no atmosphere to obscure the view of the stars, why are there NO STARS or galaxies in either picture? It should be almost blinding and brillliant. Have you ever looked up in the sky at night away from city lights? How come the stars are so prevalent from earth yet for some reason they are COMPLETELY absent from space?... Hummm?
The image in 2015 that had recently been re-released in recent months was a video. In the video, the moon does a fly-by. It is not orbiting the Earth. The clouds on the earth NEVER change or move throughout the entire video! And, another curiosity that often slips by everyone unsuspecting, if these were taken with the hubble space satellite, how can this be? the Hubble Space Telescope is ONLY in Low Earth Orbit! So, now the moon is in low earth orbit as well?? ... I thought the moon was 238,000 miles away from Earth?? How is that possible?
Have you noticed the uptick in NASA released images and media driven stories? They are losing control of the people from their brainwashing as the word is getting out. So in an attempt to keep the people from waking up, they are flooding the media with more and more images and stories.
This whole Heliocentric model is a fraud. They are trying to deceive you and they are going out of their way to do it!... You should be asking why?


This is document directly from NASA! One piece of evidence does not prove a theory. But, when you add multiple pieces of evidence from different lines of verification (a.k.a. - SCIENCE!), now you should consider what is truth!
You can look this up for yourself or watch a video of someone actually going thru the document. (Links provided below) 








                Watch the videos provided below and learn the truth ...