If you say you don’t believe in God and believe in evolution, you really should put some time into thinking about that.


It really is pretty simple actually. There are only two options to choose from. Either there is a God or there isn’t? There are no other options here.


Atheists who don't believe in a god use evolution to support their beliefs.


I can prove evolution doesn’t exist which leaves only one option left. And, that's that God must exist!


Remember there are only two options here!


If evolution is a lie, then atheism has nothing to stand on leaving you only one option left...and that is that God must exist!


I can prove evolution does not exist!...And, I can prove God DOES!


The theory of Evolution is 100% based on methods and theories. Which means they are all made up in the minds of men! There are no facts or evidence of any kind that truly support this theory.  

There are no missing links! Every "missing link" ever discovered has been found later to be a fraud. Every single one of them!

Not one of them is real!

From Nebraska Man to Piltdown Man, Cro-Magnon Man to Neanderthal Man, Java Man to Peking Man, Ramapithecus to Lucy, they have ALL been found to be nothing more than the imagination of atheists and evolutionists in a desperate attempt to save their forefathers’ belief. Of course, the retractions are NEVER published with the same fervor or even published at all. Please, watch the videos to the right to see the truth about the missing links!

The geologic column that you find in textbooks doesn't even exist!...only in our kid's textbooks! Let the brainwashing begin.

Interestingly enough, when you look at the rock layers, you'll find that they're ALL sedimentary rocks which means they are all laid down by water! Think about what that means.

The geologic column that they push onto the public, is made up entirely of rock layers laid down by WATER...just like what the Bible says! They have taken the pig; put lipstick on it, and claim its something else. Don't be fooled...THINK!

Here's some evidence that completely destroys it.

There are petrified trees found all over the world protruding thru multiple rock layers. They were buried suddenly and turned to stone along with the sediments they were found in.

If you look on every mountaintop including even Mt. Everest, you'll find seashells, marine fossils, even whales all found on top of mountains. Another interesting find is the countless clams which all happen to be found in the closed position! These are clams!

Sea dwelling creatures! Did you know that the only time clams are found in the closed position is when they have been BURIED UNDER WATER!

Here's another point to ponder...

Do you want to know how they determined the ages of the rock layers?

They use the fossils they find in that particular rock layer. They are called "index fossils". Here's the dilemma...do you know how they determine the age of these index fossils?...They use the rock layers that they are found in.

Did you catch that?

The rock layers date the fossils, but the fossils date the rock layers! Does that make any sense?

This is called circular reasoning!

It's all an illusion used to fool the unsuspecting.

Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, used a book called “Principles of Geology” to surmise his theory. The writer of this book was Charles Lyell, a self-proclaimed atheist. This book is where we get the geologic column and the names Jurassic and Triassic time periods of history. It is also where the million year old dates come from.

Here's the problem. This book was written in 1830! No dating methods were even developed, yet! They were simply made up in the imagination of man! 

Evolutionists claim that it is science vs. creationism. What you really find out is, it’s the other way around; it's science vs. atheism.

Science confirms the existence of God.

People have been steadily bombarded over the last century by atheists so the poeple can't see thru the muddy waters. Never do they realize that they've been sold a box with nothing actually in it! Their belief is that people will simply avoid thinking about it and actually care.

The renowned evolutionist named, Sir Arthur Keith, once stated this,

“Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it ONLY because the only alternative is special creation and that is unthinkable.”

Do you see they’re trapped?

And as you know misery LOVES company! They cannot let go of their debunked theory no matter what! They can’t. Remember “there either is a God or there isn’t; there are no other choices!” They can’t escape it and neither can you!

Remember: If evolution is not true, then the only other alternative that remains is ...God must exist for everything to have come into existence!














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