There is a mountain of evidence that supports a 6000 year old Earth! Over 100 scientific measurements alone prove the Earth to be young just like the Word of God states. One of which is the sedimentary rock layers that cover the entire earth!


Evolutionary scientists do not have an explanation for the characteristics of the rock layers that adorn their supposed geologic column.  
How can each rock layer be laid down in a uniform layer?  
How come all these rock layers happen to be sedimentary rock layers or “water-action” rock?   
Why are the fossils that are found in these rock layers found in clusters and often piles of differing fossils? 
Why are fossilized trees found standing up connecting many rock layers? 
Why are some of these trees found to be up-side down or (inverted)? 
Why are many fossilized forests found in the same rock layers (again thru multiple layers)? 
Why is there NO CONSISTENCY between consecutive rock layers throughout the world? 
The answers are easily attained if you take off the evolutionary lens that block truth from coming out. Evolution CANNOT explain these facts because it is a theory that has been debunked over and over, yet for some reason they will not let go of that theory. Why is that? 
It is a religion built upon a faith or hope that there is NO God! Even with ALL the evidence pointing toward the Holy Living God of the Bible, they will continue to stubbornly stand with a false god rather than recognize God and all His splendor and all their sinfulness.  
Proof of the reasons for the sedimentary rock layer uniformity, the clumping of fossils, the unique characteristics of fossilized tree formations, and the fact of NO EROSION MARKS between rock layers has been answered by God thru His creation. Scientists have gained great incite into these problems that have stared into the face of godless men.
Mount St. Helens which erupted in the 1980’s has enlightened us after much study. After the explosion, destruction, and subsequent flooding that occurred, the evidence of the Earth’s past has been revealed and now easily explained. 
The sedimentary layers of silt and mud and rock that existed in the flood waters have settled and sorted themselves in a very quick process. Interestingly enough, the type of rock was sorted according to size and density. They layered themselves!  
In a global flood scenario like the Biblical Flood, the lack of instant runoff would, in fact, produce a continual influx of sediments producing differing layers being put one on top of the other simultaneously thus producing distinct layers sorted from the bottom up yet not according to size and density. This also explains the inconsistent order of the rock layers depending on the area you are looking at. This sorting action is a known scientific process called hydrologic sorting. 
Remember again that the crust of the earth is covered by layers of sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rock is “water-action” rock meaning that they have been deposited by water. From the Mount St. Helens incident, we have been given much information about the causes of such things such as the petrified trees standing vertically connecting several rock layers. Some of these “tree forests” have been deposited together again according to their density! Some of these "tree forests" are upside down!
That explains the unusual formations of petrified tree forests connecting multiple rock layers. 
Also, of high interest, the lack of erosion marks of any kind between the rock layers all over the world are explained by the rapid depositing of the sediments from a worldwide cataclysm such as a flood. The rapid deposits underwater provide the answer to the lack of erosion such as water or wind, between the layers. 
Remember too that the rock layers were given their names and ages well before any method was even schemed to date them. See Rock Layers; Dating Methods? from the website 
With hundreds of separate and distinct cultures from the past and the present all within the past 5000 years each containing a flood story, one cannot help but put the enormous amount of eye-witness accounts with the hard physical evidence that now exists to come to the realization that the Word of God is true and the evolutionary religion has no rock layer to stand on. 

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