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Creation vs.

Are We Living
in the End Times?

GOD Exists

Proving Christ
 is the Messiah

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This ministry was developed to be a blessing to the Christian community not a burden. Our desire is to come alongside people looking for answers and help them grow closer to God. That is our focus! So please, take the time to navigate our website to see all the resources that we have consolidated into one place at Know the Bible ministries.

Our hope is that we can be a resource for you and for others that have a desire to grow in their knowledge of Christ (the Word of God) and to nurture an intimate relationship with God.

One of the ways that brings you closer to the heart of God is by reaching out to the lost in this world for God. We have been given a purpose in this world and it is not to cover the light God has put into each one of us. It is to shine that light in a dark and perishing world. We are to be salt seasoning people to receive the "Good News" (the gospel) of Christ.

God wants us to fulfill the Great Commission! God is NOT asking every one of us to witness to thousands of people, or even hundreds. Some are given 1 talent; some are given 5 talents, and some are given 10 talents. The point is do not hide those talents that God has given you. The Parable of the Talents also known as the Parable of the Bags of Gold (Matthew 25:14-30) is a great explanation of what God wants us to do. Remember too, the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7) which goes onto explain the value God has put on one person who comes to Him.

The point is reach the people that God has put in your sphere of influence! It may be only 1 or 2 or even 3 people in your life that God wants you to reach for Him. Find a way to reach them. Use Know the Bible ministries as a resource to do that very thing!




I could never adequately pay God back, so I just pay it forward!




Use all the resources made available at Know the Bible ministries! God may have you only reach one person or three, but those people may go on to reach others, and then those people go on to reach still more people. You reaching out to one person may change the lives of countless people. So do not dismiss your influence in the grand scheme of things. You may be the start of something grand that you may never even realize (The Butterfly Effect). Your impact will be determined by God. Simply trust in God and reach that Lost Sheep.

Strengthen your faith and grow in your knowledge of God. Put on the Armor of God! Pray to God asking Him to help you reach the people God has placed on your heart to reach. And most importantly, ACT on those prayers. Start talking to those people. Our sincere hope is that God has placed our ministry in your path so that we can be of some help as you witness to people for Christ.










Below are some of our Know the Bible resources!






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Short lessons about the Bible every day of the week accessible by you at your leisure! Variety of ways to help you grow in your relationship with Christ. Some days will be verse recognition & Bible quizzes, others will be videos helping you understand the evidence that actually exists in support of the Biblical narrative. And more importantly, we will help you learn how to REMEMBER that knowledge for witnessing purposes later. Simply sign up below by clicking on the pictured icon.





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 There are multiple videos in each section. To watch a video, simply click the pictured icon below!




Learn the Truth!
The Evidence is overwhelming!
Just give me a chance to prove it.

This is FREE!

Once you see all the hard evidence that really exists, then you will be able to make an intelligent and informed decision about THE most important topic you will ever deal with in your life. Learn the truth so you can make the right decision!
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Learn the books of the Holy Bible directly online from this website!

This is FREE!

We do not just give you something to read and hope that you get it. We actually teach you and show you how to remember this knowledge forever! Our contention is that going thru our Bible Class directly online from our website, you will be able to NAME every book of the Holy Bible in order & in flow. You will be much more familiar with the location of people, places, and events. 
Simply CLICK on the picture below to start your journey of enlightenment and grow closer to God!


















Evolution vs. Creation

Videos that debunk the religion of atheism and its model of evolution and solidify the position of creation. Be emboldened to believe in God and His Word who is Christ Jesus. Truly understand that science actually confirms the Word. It's really Science vs. Atheism and not what they have brainwashed society to believe.






Are We Living in the End Times?

Videos that explain the times in which we live and how they relate to the Holy Bible. Understand we are living in the end times events right now! Gain some perspective of these times. Watch these videos and see for yourself. Do not simply hide your head in the sand. With perspective, you can better prepare yourself for the Lord's coming. Come watch and gain knowledge and insight so that you can better understand what is happening around you. Be watchful and sober in mind!





Proving God Exists

Videos that prove God exists and that the God of the Bible is the One True Living God. If miraculous events that actually took place in history are confirmed, then there is only one conclusion that can be made. God MUST EXIST! Once you grasp the magnitude of this realization, your heart will be opened to receive Christ and you can begin your journey as a born-again Christian.






Proving Christ is the Messiah

Videos that prove the Messiahship of Jesus Christ and His claim as the Son of God. Gain a better understanding that Christ MUST be the Son of God. Understand the meticulous nature and great detail that surround the life of Christ. Once you see and comprehend the magnitude of the events that took place and the incredible accuracy of the prophecies, your faith will be strengthened in the Lord.






Learn How to Witness

Videos that help you learn how to witness to others and providing you the knowledge to do so confidently. Gain an understanding of the blueprint Christ gave us to reach others with the gospel. Once you understand that most people only have a shallow understanding that supports their belief system, you can be confident in yourself and no longer fear rejection.






Watch Christian Movies Online

Movies like...

The Passion of the Christ

God of Wonders

The Nativity Story

Letters to God

The Ultimate Gift


The Final Inquiry

A Walk in My Shoes

Undercover Angel

I Am Gabriel

What Would Jesus Do?

One Night with a King



Evolution vs. God


A Quick Explanation of Dinosaurs




Click the picture below to access the video series;

One Minute into Eternity

Is There Life After Death?

What Happens When You Die?

Is There Really a Hell?

Is There Really a Heaven? 





Watch the video below to better understand your relationship with God.










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Below are some Resources that we can provide to an individual

on a small scale or any Christian Church so that they can share

these resources with their congregation.


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